About Us

She believed she could so she did.

Meet Tracy

I’ve worked hard to have a positive body image, and I want other women to feel good about themselves too. Women tend to be worried about others all the time. We don’t always take the time to care for ourselves. I want Lillians to be an escape, where you can come and have fun — and believe us when we say you look good in something!


Welcome to Lillians!

Background on how it all began

Tracy became the owner and manager of Lillians of Fond du Lac in 2010 and quickly added clothing to what was traditionally a shoppe known for its purses and handbags. Inventory and business hours expanded to accommodate the customers.

In May 2015, Lillians outgrew its old space and moved to 27 S. Main Street. The current location features more storefront footage and dressing rooms.

Today, Lillians provides a comfortable, laid-back shopping atmosphere for women who want to find clothing and accessories that complement their personal style and cultivate a wardrobe that makes you look good and feel good.

Our Inspiration

Women come in different shapes and sizes. We try our best to find styles that work for each individual person — those one-of-a-kind pieces that represent the next fresh thing. But this isn’t New York or LA. Our merchandise must appeal to a multi-generational clientele from the Midwest.

We know our customers’ needs and wants. From colors and patterns to fabric and prices, we take a practical approach to our inventory.

Resort Wear

We have many new and cute dresses and jumpers!